Characters in Arknights

arknights character
arknights character

On the global server, there are 275 out of the 295 Operators available on the CN server. This count doesn’t include Integrated Strategies-exclusive Operators and the Guard version of Amiya. All the listed Operators are arranged in alphabetical order and by their rarity, from 6 stars to 1 star.

Arknights is a mobile game that you can play for free. It’s a tactical RPG and tower defense game made by a Chinese company called Hypergryph. The game first came out in China on May 1, 2019, then in other countries on January 16, 2020, You can play Arknights on Android and iOS devices, and it has a feature called gacha game mechanics.

let’s talk about the classes in Arknights. In the game, all operators are grouped into different classes based on their roles. There are a total of eight classes in Arknights.

There is a total of eight different classes in the game:

  • Caster
  • Guard
  • Defender
  • Medic
  • Specialists
  • Sniper
  • Supporter
  • Vanguard

All Operator Characters List

Hoshiguma★6Defender19A Tier
Exusiai★6Sniper12S Tier
Ifrit★6Caster31S Tier
SilverAsh★6Guard18S Tier
Saria★6Defender18S Tier
Siege★6Vanguard12A Tier
Shining★6Medic18A Tier
Eyjafjalla★6Caster19S Tier
Nightingale★6Medic16A Tier
Angelina★6Supporter14S Tier
Skadi★6Guard17A Tier
Ch’en★6Guard19A Tier
Magallan★6Supporter10A Tier
Hellagur★6Guard22A Tier
Schwarz★6Sniper16A Tier
W★6SniperA Tier
Weedy★6Specialist18S Tier
Ceobe★6Caster19A Tier
Thorns★6Guard18S Tier
Bagpipe★6Vanguard11S Tier
Nian★6DefenderA Tier
Aak★6SpecialistA Tier
Blaze★6GuardS Tier
Phantom★6SpecialistA Tier
Waai Fu★6SpecialistA Tier
Rosa★6SniperA Tier
Mostima★6CasterA Tier
Suzuran★6SupporterA Tier
Amiya★5Caster18B Tier
Nearl★5Defender17A Tier
Projekt Red★5Specialist7– Tier
Croissant★5Defender18B Tier
Texas★5Vanguard11A Tier
Ptilopsis★5Medic15S Tier
Silence★5Medic17A Tier
Franka★5Guard16B Tier
Liskarm★5Defender18A Tier
Meteorite★5Sniper24A Tier
Firewatch★5Sniper19A Tier
FEater★5Specialist18– Tier
Pramanix★5Supporter10A Tier
Cliffheart★5Specialist11– Tier
Zima★5Vanguard11A Tier
Istina★5Supporter13B Tier
Sora★5Supporter5B Tier
Specter★5Guard19A Tier
Blue Poison★5Sniper11A Tier
Provence★5Sniper15B Tier
Platinum★5Sniper11B Tier
Skyfire★5Caster30B Tier
Mayer★5Supporter9B Tier
Manticore★5Specialist18– Tier
Lappland★5Guard17S Tier
Warfarin★5Medic17A Tier
Vulcan★5Defender31A Tier
Savage★5Guard18C Tier
Indra★5Guard8A Tier
Grani★5Vanguard12A Tier
Nightmare★5Caster18C Tier
Swire★5Guard14C Tier
Astesia★5Guard19B Tier
Glaucus★5Supporter13A Tier
Ceylon★5Medic20B Tier
Elysium★5Vanguard19S Tier
Leizi★5Caster29B Tier
Andreana★5SniperTBCB Tier
Chiave★5VanguardB Tier
Reed★5VanguardA Tier
Bibeak★5GuardB Tier
Sesa★5SniperB Tier
Snowsant★5SpecialistA Tier
Hung★5DefenderB Tier
Broca★5GuardB Tier
Greythroat★5SniperB Tier
Executor★5SniperB Tier
Ayerscarpe★5GuardA Tier
Flamebringer★5GuardB Tier
Sideroca★5GuardB Tier
Asbestos★5DefenderA Tier
Bison★5DefenderB Tier
Absinthe★5CasterB Tier
Leonhardt★5CasterA Tier
Beeswax★5CasterB Tier
Folinic★5MedicB Tier
Breeze★5MedicB Tier
Tsukinogi★5SupporterB Tier
Shamare★5SupporterA Tier
Dobermann★4Guard13D Tier
Shaw★4Specialist17– Tier
Vigna★4Vanguard9A Tier
Scavenger★4Vanguard10B Tier
Frostleaf★4Guard16C Tier
Myrrh★4Medic16B Tier
Gummy★4Defender16B Tier
Matterhorn★4Defender17B Tier
Shirayuki★4Sniper23B Tier
Gitano★4Caster29B Tier
Haze★4Caster17C Tier
Cuora★4Defender17B Tier
Deepcolor★4Supporter8C Tier
Perfumer★4Medic14B Tier
Earthspirit★4Supporter12C Tier
Gravel★4Specialist6– Tier
Rope★4Specialist10– Tier
Meteor★4Sniper10C Tier
Mousse★4Guard18B Tier
Jessica★4Sniper10C Tier
Matoimaru★4Guard15B Tier
Estelle★4Guard18C Tier
Gavial★4Medic16B Tier
Courier★4Vanguard10B Tier
Beehunter★4Guard7C Tier
Greyy★4Caster29C Tier
Myrtle★4Vanguard8S Tier
Sussuro★4Medic16B Tier
Jaye★4Specialist5B Tier
Utage★4GuardA Tier
Podenco★4SupporterB Tier
Ambriel★4SniperC Tier
Cutter★4GuardC Tier
Dur-nar★4DefenderB Tier
Ethan★4SpecialistA Tier
Vermeil★4SniperC Tier
May★4SniperC Tier
Click★4CasterC Tier
Cardigan★3Defender16C Tier
Steward★3Caster16C Tier
Ansel★3Medic15C Tier
Melantha★3Guard13B Tier
Beagle★3Defender16C Tier
Kroos★3Sniper9C Tier
Lava★3Caster27D Tier
Hibiscus★3Medic15C Tier
Fang★3Vanguard9C Tier
Vanilla★3Vanguard9C Tier
Orchid★3Supporter10– Tier
Plume★3Vanguard8C Tier
Adnachiel★3Sniper9D Tier
Catapult★3Sniper21D Tier
Midnight★3Guard14C Tier
Spot★3Defender15D Tier
Popukar★3Guard17D Tier
12F★2Caster24D Tier
Rangers★2Sniper7D Tier
Durin★2Caster12D Tier
Yato★2Vanguard7C Tier
Noir Corne★2Defender14D Tier
Castle-3★1Guard– Tier
Lancet-2★1Medic3– Tier
THRM-EX★1Specialist3– Tier

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