What makes Gen Z and millennials shop for global brands online


In an interview, Nykaa Fashion’s Nihir Parikh talks about curating international labels for an Indian audience

The Indian shopper is spoilt for choice, given the focus of e-commerce platforms on bringing several international brands to the country. 

Among them is Nykaa Fashion Global Store, which offers on its platform over 400 international brands like Alo, Norma Karmali and Public Desire. 

It this globally exposed consumer who excites us, says Nihir Parikh, chief operating office of Nykaa Fashion, while talking about the curation of Nykaa Fashion Global Store.

In an interview with Lounge, Parikh talks about what the customer of today wants and how Nykaa Fashion Global Store decides which brand would work for the country. Edited excerpts:

What factors make you choose a label for the Global Store?

Our approach to scouting brands lies in identifying and bringing what is first in fashion to Indian consumers. We look for the most viral styles, worn by your favourite influencers, it-girls and celebs, while also adding the classics, the international labels that are a staple abroad. 

There is a demand for legacy brands and niche emerging brands alike. With (US-based fashion retailer) Revolve, we have been able to address this key gap with iconic labels like Norma Kamali, Free People, and Schutz coming on to our platform and the response has been positive. We also engage with brands that are looking to expand in the South Asian continent.

How important is social media for sales?

Curated and informative content serves as a powerful tool to educate and inspire customers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. We leverage hyper-personalization techniques (via tech) to deliver tailored shopping experiences. 

Through personalized content and product recommendations based on consumer behaviour and detailed product attributes, we promote exploration and discovery. Since its inception, we have created a strong online presence by driving organic traffic from Gen Z and millennial consumers through content-driven marketing, brand campaigns, and online events.  

How do logistics work with so many international labels on offer?

We’ve cemented a strategic partnership with Revolve to grant Indian customers exclusive access to over 650-plus international brands. 

As part of this collaboration, we have innovatively developed a B2B2C technology that enables Indian consumers to seamlessly browse through Revolve’s extensive catalogue via Nykaa Fashion’s platform. This user-friendly integration allows customers to make hassle-free purchases directly from Revolve’s vast selection of offerings.

Nihir Parikh, chief operating office of Nykaa Fashion

Nihir Parikh, chief operating office of Nykaa Fashion

When it comes to buying clothes and accessories, the touch-and-feel aspect is crucial. What makes online shopping so attractive then?

The online shopping experience gives the ease and convenience of securing a wardrobe that does not require a trip abroad or asking favours from friends and family. There’s no worry about KYCs, customs or hidden costs. The promise of hassle-free international shipping, easy delivery, and returns on global brands makes the proposition extremely attractive.

Also, helping consumers discover the latest in fashion through content is an everyday journey, whether it’s about celebrity styles, sustainable brands, or accessories. The focus is to inspire customers to shop with the latest trends, stay ahead of the style curve and have access to what is “first in fashion”.


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