Fashion trends that will rule in 2024


Experts predict fashion and accessories trends for the forthcoming year, from playful layering to chunky jewellery

If 2023 saw a return to refined glamour, quiet luxury and a pared down take on sensuality, then 2024 will see a continuation of these trends with fresh updates. Of late, the minimal and mildly grunge 1990s and Y2K eras have made a comeback, in the shape of slip dresses, cashmere twin sets as well as leather micro shorts seen across luxury and high street labels. Experts, including designers and stylists, observe that these two decades will dominate the coming year too. What’s more, sheercore, which has been a key trend since 2021, will take centre stage next year as well, with designers continuing to style naked dresses appliquéd with 3D ornamentation.


We asked some designers and stylists to share their thoughts on what trends will continue in the new year:


Creative director Sabato De Sarno at Gucci brought back the old school luxe synonymous with the brand’s Tom Ford era for his spring-summer 2024 collection. From logo-ed leather pencil skirts to cocktail coats accented with delicate fringes—there was a nod to simplicity, detailing and refinement.

Shivan Bhatiya, founder and head designer at label Shivan & Narresh, says fashion has undergone a significant transformation, moving from extravagant and loud runways to a focus on functionality.

“The shift towards muted tones and simple silhouettes is now prevalent in global fashion trends. While this mood may not entirely translate to India, where vibrant styles persist, there’s a noticeable trend towards functional silhouettes and ‘it’ bags,” he says.

From the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2024 men's collection fashion show at the Avenue of Stars promenade in Hong Kong on 30 November

From the Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2024 men’s collection fashion show at the Avenue of Stars promenade in Hong Kong on 30 November


Fashion in 2024 is likely to be a toss-up between nostalgia of the 1990s, made popular by fashion-conscious Gen Zers, and the desire to wear garments and accessories that look edgy and contemporary.

Designer Nachiket Barve says: “Monochrome, transparent materials and sculpted volume will be important for the coming season. Long silhouettes and layering will be key. And we will see many more accessories with a futuristic vibe.”


In 2024, there will be a resurgence of vintage styles in ready-to-wear, with a modern twist, particularly influenced by the 1970s and 1990s.

However, these will be re-imagined through a contemporary lens. Designer Nupur Kanoi sees high-waisted trousers, flared jeans and oversized blazers, offering a blend of comfort and style for people of all ages.

From the Shivan and Narresh show in October in Delhi

From the Shivan and Narresh show in October in Delhi


In terms of accessories, expect the unexpected. “Bold, oversized pieces will dominate, whether in the form of chunky boots or statement jewellery. There will be a newfound appreciation for artisanal, handcrafted items, representing a move towards individuality and away from mass production,” explains Kanoi.


From crop tops and baggy jeans to vibrant colours and bold patterns, these iconic styles are here to stay.

“It’s not just about reviving these trends, it’s about reinterpreting them in a way that resonates with the current times. So, while we are borrowing from the past, we are also looking forward to the future of fashion,” says Kanoi, adding that more brands will continue to experiment with classic styles and designs.


Gold and metallics will enjoy their moment in the sun. Designer Payal Singhal says: “Chunky jewellery—a nod to the 1990s—like hoop earrings, jewellery with coloured stones will be a major trend. Besides, revival of chokers and tied neckpieces (leather straps with beads or flowers at the neck) will be seen.”


Short shorts are everywhere and in 2024, they are likely to be a go-to separate for celebrities and stylists. From Versace and Gucci to Ferragamo, Fendi and Isabel Marant “legs for days” seems to be the trend for spring-summer 2024 for the coming year,” says stylist Priyanka Yadav.


Velvet twinsets and denim separates have rarely gone out of style and it looks like they will continue to be part of the 2024 closet as well. “We will see denim and velvet being re-imagined in fun and experimental ways,” says Singhal. Think about having more embellishments, a range of embroidery and even cutouts.

Skin is likely to in. Brands like Coperni, Chloe, Courreges and Jil Sander paved the way for cutout detailing in their spring-summer 2024 collections and more brands are following suit. Fringes will also continue to rule the coming months. “Luscious, tactile and statement-making tassels and fringes will continue to enjoy their moment in the sun,” adds Yadav.

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.


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